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The regular informal communication style hinders the ability to write formal language since it influences the style of language with its coded form of massages, slang influence, personalization and ease it possesses. Communication on this platform is not guided by the…
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Question 7
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How regularly dashing off quick e-mails, tweets, or instant messages with incorrect style, grammar, or mechanics hinder the ability to occasionally write longer, more formal business letters?
The regular informal communication style hinders the ability to write formal language since it influences the style of language with its coded form of massages, slang influence, personalization and ease it possesses. Communication on this platform is not guided by the conventional stipulations, but it bases communication on personal relationships of the parties involved- as such borrowing from this style impacts formal communication.
What steps will you take to prevent this from occurring?
In order to prevent this influence adequate preparation should be carried before indulging in writing official communication. Preparation should entail research on the recipient individual, nature of the communication and the appropriate language that is relevant to the communication.

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Question 7 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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