I am in favor of the law should prevent people living near the forest area - Essay Example

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This incident of mobility needs to be stopped and a law should be made in order to ban people from moving to forest areas. Such a law…
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I am in favor of the law should prevent people living near the forest area
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Extract of sample "I am in favor of the law should prevent people living near the forest area"

Should There Be A Law Preventing People From Living Near The Forest Area Introduction Many individuals are moving towards forest regions in search of healthier environment that comprises of lower levels of population and pollution. This incident of mobility needs to be stopped and a law should be made in order to ban people from moving to forest areas. Such a law is necessary because people in forest areas are attacked by wild animals, individuals are a major cause of forest fires and they negatively impact the balance of ecology.
A law should be implemented in order to stop people from moving and residing in forest areas because these individuals are ill-equipped to fight wild animals. Due to this they end up being attacked and killed by these animals. For example during the period of 1993 a ten year old girl was attacked by a cougar while she and her family were camping in the region of Cuyamaca Rancho State Park ( 1).
Another reason for imposing a ban on people living near forest area is that a huge number of forest fire incidents have been caused by human beings. Various human activities such as burning wood and creating fire to cook food can cause forest fires. According to Arbor Day Foundation more than eighty three percentage of the forest fires that took place in the era of 2006 were caused by human activities ( 1).
A third reason for imposing a ban on people residing near forests is that human beings are destroying the ecological system. When human beings shift to areas that are near forests, they tend to develop their houses through the wood that is obtained from the forests. Due to this a huge number of trees are cut down and these trees are home to various animals who cannot survive without these trees and plants.
It is very essential that a ban is levied on the mobility of individuals from metropolitan areas to forest regions because individuals cannot protect themselves against the threat of wild animals. Furthermore they are one of the major causes of forest fires and they even disturb the ecological system due to their activities.
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