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Traditional male heterosexuality - Essay Example

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From the early people to the present modern man, several, some breathtaking, others horrifying changes have been part of life. The positive side is that some changes in humans have…
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Traditional male heterosexuality
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Download file to see previous pages At the same time they were expected to be emotionally insensitive especially to intimate issues. Women were regarded as sex objects to bear children and serve the men while remaining to take care of the home. Role distribution between males and females was clear cut.
As it is evident, changes have been first and swift. From the hardened and burly figure, the modern heterosexual has taken the level of manhood to the next level. Areas of operation originally seen as women zones have become a dominant resting place for the modern heterosexual man.
To begin with, the present day man has shifted from the hardened burly to a soft sponge that is available for only pleasurable ventures. Men form the advertising sought after images, they do household chores, they intimately relate with both females and males, and they abuse drugs among other things that were detested by the traditional man. This leads to the position that man has changed from his rough nature to the soft one that is on show at present.
Heterosexuality reflects sexual behavior, identity, and practices that indicate a desire or preference for the opposite gender. In terms of sexual orientation, heterosexuality is used in reference to a lasting mode of or character to practice affection, physical, sexual, or romantic attractions chiefly to people of the opposite sex. It can also refer to an individual sagacity of social and personal identity on the basis of those attractions, behaviors, and association in a group of people who subscribe them. The term typically applies to human beings. But it is also observed in respect to all mammals. There have arisen changes that have altered male behavior as reflected by the works of Palahniuk and Hollinghurst.
The bodily deed of heterosexual fertilization is the only way of sexual reproductive potential in humans devoid of the use of recent guided reproductive technologies. The relations with romantic love plus ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Traditional Male Heterosexuality Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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