The difference between popular history and the hard facts of the sexual revolution - Essay Example

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In the Victorian age, sex was a thrilling private adventure, which involved specific partners, not a social competition as it appears today. Many feminist have argued that…
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The difference between popular history and the hard facts of the sexual revolution
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Download file to see previous pages The sexual revolution of 1960s set a new stage for sexuality as observed in the current society.
In popular history, advocates for sexuality rooted heterosexual relationship in which men had a say in the overall relationship. In this perspective, heterosexuality is the accepted form of union that people should have. The tradition also defined the voice of a woman in the relationship. Feminist and other critics argued that the perception of sexuality in the tradition or the Victorian age promoted selfish interest of the male as opposed to the female (Lynch 96). Largely, men could enter into polygamous relationship while women had to remain faithful to their partners. While sexuality in the popular history favored the interest of the heterosexuality, acts such masturbation or homosexuality were also present. Some historians and sociologists have observed that masturbation and other homosexual activities are not new versions in the society, but their amplification resulted from the sexual revolution (Lynch 97).
In popular history, the male influenced sexuality by dictating when to have or not to have sexual intimacy on the contrary the sexual revolution has influenced the ability of women to make choices of the sexual partners. For along time, the society considered women who proposed any sexual relationship as immoral or did not observe the societal precept. The revolution did not only change the choice that women make when it comes to choosing sexual partners but also when to engage in the act. In this sense, the sexual relation opened a window for women to make choices for the relationship. Women have used the opportunity to enter and terminate relationship with victimization. In the past victimization was a common phenomenon especially, when women took bold steps to propose a sexual relationship with the male counterpart.
In popular history, multiple sexual partners was a preserve for men whereas the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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