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How to lose your weight - Essay Example

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However, too much of it might be dangerous and lead to constipation, starving and unbalanced diet.
If theres one thing that people, especially ladies, try to fight…
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How to lose your weight
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Extract of sample "How to lose your weight"

Download file to see previous pages We try sometimes to keep attending the gym or going for five laps around the field every day. But, how many times do we find ourselves missing due to many excuses and being tired? All these only show us how much we struggle to lose weight, by putting on the willpower, but many a times we are weakened by our programs and weaknesses. Everyone likes being lean, especially ladies. Being lean helps us to live healthily with less susceptibility to dangerous diseases such as obesity, high-blood pressure, heart attack and cardiac arrest among others. We, therefore, employ various practices to help us lose weight to achieve this state. However, some of the practices we employ have other effects on us, if we dont do them right. In this essay, our main focus will be on some practices we employ to help us lose weight and their possible effects on our health.
One main reason people gain weight faster is the excess amounts of food they intake, especially the carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are rich in calories that can make us fat very fast. To help us avoid increasing weight due to excess intake of carbohydrates, we can kill our appetite to allow us take less food and eat appropriately. Adequate portions of food should be taken, and this should be balanced for a balanced diet. We should reduce the number of times they eat per day and get used to leaner diets. A lot of proteins should be included in every food portions one would server.
In as much as this method works to help people lose weight, some people overdo it, which causes negative effects to their health. Instead of just reducing the quantities of food that they take, some people end up starving since they want to lose weight faster. Starving has negative effects that will leave one very weak and susceptible to many diseases still. Conditions such as ulcers may also come in when one starves too much. Some people also decline to take carbohydrates and any food portion with fat at all. This may also make one grow ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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