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Final draft of Rhertorical Analysis Eassy - Assignment Example

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This issue has raised numerous questions, which have been discussed at various forums like media, legislative houses and law courts…
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Final draft of Rhertorical Analysis Eassy
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Extract of sample "Final draft of Rhertorical Analysis Eassy"

Rhetorical Analysis- Same Sex Marriages Composition II/ Eng 1200 Sandra Maddox South Online Walker Same Sex Marriages In the past few years, there has been an augmenting debate in the United States regarding the life style and choices of gay and lesbian people. This issue has raised numerous questions, which have been discussed at various forums like media, legislative houses and law courts. The issue as to whether the same sex marriages be made legal is a topic that has been much debated in the legislative councils. The major issue underlying all such discussions has been that how the law ought to regulate the lives of same-sex married couples. The topic is indeed challenging for the academicians, psychologists, politicians, and judiciary as it involves both human aspirations and the societal onus as to how to legally systematize same-sex marriages.
The issue of same sex marriage is a topic that will always garner controversies as it is utterly difficult to come out with a consensual perspective with regards to the myriad social, ethical, philosophical, religious and legal aspects related to it. According to a nationwide study conducted by the University of Queensland, given the choice, 54 percent of the same sex partners are prepared to get married while 80 percent of Australians who are maintaining same-sex relationship will advocate such marriages even if they do not wish to marry. There are many legal benefits for married couples and they are even more important for same- sex couples, since they experience denial of legal rights because of social prejudices (12 Reasons Why Marriage Equality Matters, n.d.). There are other cultural and social benefits, like each partner will feel more responsible towards the other. Moreover, it has been seen that if legal recognition is not given to same- sex marriages then it can have adverse impact on the physical and mental health of the partners involved. Social discrimination can lead to severe depression and lower self-esteem among gay and lesbian people. Such cases are more common among the young LGBTs who become prone towards running away from home, substance abuse, and suicidal tendencies (Renzetti & Edleson, 2008, p.337).
Personally speaking, it is an emphatic assertion that homosexuals need not be subjected to any kind of discriminations and should be accepted with open arms within the society, because being a homosexual is completely natural and harmless. As per the existent academic and scientific inputs, being a homosexual is not an ethical or moral choice, but is something that is innate and natural to any individual. Hence, a person should not be prejudiced against and victimized for something that is natural and normal. Yet, many bodies of opinion have raised many objections to same sex marriages.
There are a number of arguments against same-sex marriage. Children adopted by these couples are brought up by single gender role models. Like lesbian couples will raise their children sans fathers and vice versa. Thus the individual role of each parent like social security from fathers and emotional security from mothers will be absent for these children. However, although sexual orientation of a potential parent is a criterion for consideration, personality and maturity aspects should also be counted. Secondly, oppositions claim that same-sex marriage will alter the basic concept of marriage which is procreation. It has been seen that countries that have legalized same-sex marriages like Canada and Netherlands have low fertility rates (Duhan, 2014, p.10). However, this argument cannot stand strong since there are no issues when infertile couples get married. Moreover, there is also the option of surrogate mothers for gay men who wish to have biological children.
Same sex marriage is a thing mired by an array of legal, theological and social concerns. Marriage is a covenant between two people of different sex, and this is the traditional view. It is not easy to alter the social perspective. However, one basic essence of marriage is that it is a partnership for lifetime between two people who desire to be with each other. Keeping this philosophical point of view, it is quite understandable that as long as two people are comfortable with each other, law or society have no right to stigmatize that relationship. Rather they should take measures to formalize and recognize such relationships.
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Duhan, R. (2014). Scope of Same-Sex Marriages in the Contemporary Society. Innovare Journal of Social Sciences, 2(3), 8-11
Renzetti, C.M. & Edleson, J.L. (2008.) Encyclopedia of Interpersonal Violence. New York: Sage Publications. Read More
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