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Writing Today by Richard Johnson and Sheehan Charles Paine - Essay Example

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This paper "Writing Today by Richard Johnson and Sheehan Charles Paine" provides a brief introduction into the aspect of writing in which the writers are taken through concepts of designing the topics to write about, genres of writing, the purpose of writing, and the angle by which to write. …
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Writing Today by Richard Johnson and Sheehan Charles Paine
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Extract of sample "Writing Today by Richard Johnson and Sheehan Charles Paine"

Download file to see previous pages In this, it would be easy to note that the book strives to show that writing can be engaged within an entertaining manner; thus, making it be easy to read, comprehend and apply dynamically to various aspects of life. At this phase in the volume, it is interesting to note that the authors clearly follow the guideline they provide by making the text brief, quick to navigate and easy to scan.
In part three of the book, the main concern for the authors is in relation to the process to follow in developing a piece of writing. As such, it would be obvious to yearn for knowing the precise course of action to pursue in achieving successful writing, but still, afford questions such as how can one invent ideas? How can writing be organized and a draft formulated out of the general ideas? And, what are the core reasons for revising and editing a piece of writing before publishing it?
In seeking to answer these questions and similar ones in the two parts, the authors present readers with case scenarios that entail the understanding of the nature of writing and the requirements for the development of a literary writing, as presented by the frequent headings and numbered lists of items.
This part is largely concerned with the determination of the various strategies that are used in the shaping of ideas when writing literary pieces. This segment is imperative in the logic that it provides the playwright with insights such as on how to develop paragraphs for the text being written, how to develop various sections for the paper, how to use rhetorical patterns in the development of a literary text, how to use argumentative strategies in the development of ideas in one’s writing and how to have the writing piece developed exposed to peer review and collaborated with different writers.
Largely, this is one the most critical parts of the book, given the significance, it plays in the defining the various contexts that are to be drawn in the improvement of a literary text.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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