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This paper "Reports as an Important Kind of Academic Writing" focuses on the book which discusses reports as an important kind of academic writing. Using an example of a report entitled “Gender Stereotypes and Toys: Is it Nature or Nurture?” the authors discuss ways of writing reports. …
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Reports as an Important Kind of Academic Writing
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Reports as an Important Kind of Academic Writing
Chapter 12 Reflection
In the chapter, the book discusses reports as an important kind of academic writing. Using an example of a report entitled “Gender Stereotypes and Toys: Is it Nature or Nurture?” the authors of the book discuss various ways of writing effective reports. Reports are unique type of writings used by scholars and researchers especially after carrying out a research in presenting both their findings and recommendations. Researches investigate missing knowledge. This implies that a report is an important document used in presenting new findings thus filling a knowledge gap in a particular discipline. As such, the authors of the book dedicate the chapter to discussing the types of available reports and the best ways of developing effective researches.
Just as is the case with many other chapters in the book, the first section of the chapter discusses the process of inventing report content. As explained in the introduction, reports are systematic documents used to present research findings. Inventing report content therefore begins with an effective research that investigates a specific knowledge gap. After carrying out an investigation on a topical issue, a student or any other scholar obtains the vital content to include in a report. The second section then discusses the appropriate styles used in developing reports. The style of a report affects the consumption of the report contents. The authors therefore advise students to select appropriate styles, an appropriate style in that a student understands and can therefore use efficiently.
The authors advise the use of appropriate grammar since reports are professional documents. As such, one can use appropriate jargons that best describes the terms in the discipline. However, the authors contend that students must employ simple grammatical structures since they enhance the consumption of any kind of writing.
Comments and questions
The chapter is an important section of the book that discusses an equally important kind of writing. The authors adopt a systematic approach to the topic as they discuss one important point after another. This provides the audience with an effective understanding of the topical issue. The book is an important reference in schools owing to its orderly and chronological presentation of ideas. The authors employ simple sentence structures since they enhance the consumption of any type f literature. This way, they explain the various section of the chapter thereby providing their target audience with vivid description of all the necessary scenarios that may enhance the creation of effective reports.
In retrospect, the chapter discusses an important kinds or academic writing. The authors employ appropriate strategies to ensure that they discuss the most valuable aspects of a report thus enhancing the effectiveness of the book in the course. The design of a report for example is an important section in the chapter. A report has a definite design that follows a series of subheadings. However, an in depth analysis of the chapter raises some specific questions the authors do not discuss in the chapter. Such include
What are the types of professional reports?
What makes the difference in the various types of reports?
How do such differences affect students?
Work cited
Johnson, S. Richard and Paine, Charles. Writing Today, 2nd Edition. New York: Longman, 2013. Print. Read More
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