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Writing Today - Essay Example

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The paper "Writing Today" provides proposal examples which make it easier for the learner to master and comprehend the process. It also outlines the steps a student should follow in wring a proper proposal and offers vital tips on writing practices for a variety of genres…
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Writing Today
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Extract of sample "Writing Today"

Writing Today
Unlike most textbooks tackling writing which are ironically dull and monotonous, Writing Today is easy to comprehend and read, and at the least entertaining. The book offers vital tips on writing practices for a variety of genres, including reports and proposals. A proposal is often a statement of purpose presented for someone to accept it. A proposal has a main aim of convincing the target to fund or support your project. In Writing Today chapter 11, the authors focus on how to structure and write a proper proposal. The style adopted by the authors is generally simple and straightforward, only focusing on the relevant parts. The chapter is characterized by proposal examples which make it easier for the learner to master and comprehend the process.
The chapter outlines the steps a student should follow in wring a proper proposal. First, the student has to find and focus on the content of the proposal. This part makes the bulk of the proposal. As such, the content is the major part of a proposal. Under the content, the problem to be solved is often identified and how it is to be solved or tackled. The learner must make this part as convincing as possible. Most people review a proposal’s viability by analyzing its content, the addressed problem and the offered solutions. After inventing the content of the proposal, the next step is to draft the proposal. All the relevant ideas are synched and written down. Additionally the proposal is organized in a coherent manner. Next, an appropriate style is applied to the proposal. Subsequently, the proposal is designed in a logical, understandable and easy to understand manner with all the major ideas, arguments or parts being clearly verified.
To rid the proposal of minor and major grammar and structural mistakes, the document is revised and edited (Paine, Charles & Johnson-Sheehan, 2012). After this process, the proposal is ready for submission. A proposal can be developed by following three major stages. However this depends on the inclinations of the target audience or sponsor. Some audiences may prefer a concept paper in advance. The concept paper basically focuses on the proposal’s content and problem to be solved. A preliminary proposal may follow the concept paper. Lastly, a full complete proposal is the developed.
In this chapter, the authors have in fact followed their own advice in writing. They have done this by primarily making the text scannable, brief, and easy to navigate. Additionally, the authors don’t stray away from the main point but rather give useful concise definitions. They inform and tell the reader on what exactly to do. Also, they employ prose style in the book. This enables an average student to understand the book easily.
The chapter presents the process of writing a proposal in a smooth flowing coherent manner. This presentation is good for freshman students learning on how to construct a proposal. The main question I would ask the authors is whether this process applies to all types of proposals such as business and school project proposals. Additionally, a proposal has various types of elements. For example, cover page, table of contents, summary, introduction, problem statement, literature review and other various parts. Do project managers compose proposals following this order? This question stems from the fact that some managers compose a proposal in relation to the thinking process. A thinking process commences with the problem statement while the introduction comes at a later stage.
Work Cited
Paine, Charles, and Richard Johnson-Sheehan. Writing Today. Pearson Higher Ed, 2012.Print. Read More
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Writing Today Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 3.
“Writing Today Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 3”, n.d.
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