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Walking Utopia By Bernard Bate - Essay Example

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In South India, democratic meetings are highly regarded similar to the temple festival celebrations. This is because such meetings debate contemporary social life aspects with suggestions to the typical Tamil literary principle…
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Walking Utopia By Bernard Bate
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Extract of sample "Walking Utopia By Bernard Bate"

Media and Society “Walking Utopia” By Bernard Bate In South India, democratic meetings are highly regarded similar to the temple festival celebrations. This is because such meetings debate contemporary social life aspects with suggestions to the typical Tamil literary principle. In this regard, Bate’s (2009) discussions of political meetings in Madurai help people to concentrate on things that affect their daily experiences in the urban settings. The evenings comprise of political and religious discussions that contributed to the establishment of the Dravidian meetings. These were historical events that brought together rural and urban folks in advocating for the plights (Bate, 2009).
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised by Naomi Schiller
Alternatively, Schiller’s The Revolution Will Not Be Televised Documentary discusses the coup d’état that occurred in Venezuela in 2002. It focuses on the interviews with the leading distributors and activists in New York City between 2004 and 2007. As a result, the production and distribution of the documentary shaped debates that facilitated discussions on the medias role in determining the truth. Schiller’s approach of the documentary exposes how the media covered the revolution across the world (Schiller, 2009). For instance, the documentary does not concentrate on the causes of the coup against the Venezuelan President, but the only broadcasted images of proponents firing their guns at the anti-supporters.
Connection between the pieces and the movie
Considering the above, Bate’s (2009) discussion of political meetings in Madurai and Schiller’s argument of the Revolution documentary help the audience to move beyond the “linear model communication” by exposing them on various aspects. This is because the media takes sides when tackling sensitize matters that affect the existence of peace and liberty. For instance, in Bate’s discussion, the media only focuses on the political meetings by comparing it to the religious festivals. It does not tackle how religion is also instrumental in shaping societal perspectives (Stoneman, et al, 2008).
Bate, B. (2009). Tamil oratory and the Dravidian aesthetic: Democratic practice in south India.
New York: Columbia University Press.
Schiller, N. (2009). “Framing the Revolution: Circulation and Meaning of the Revolution Will
Not Be Televised.” Mass Communication and Society, 12 (1), 478-502.
Stoneman, R., Power, D., Bartley, K., & OBrien, D. (2008). Chávez: the revolution will not be
Televised: A case study of politics and the media. London: Wallflower. Read More
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