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The overall process involved in writing the - Essay Example

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The researcher has written this paper in an attempt to evaluate and present overall process involved in writing the essay. As a final point, the researcher of this discussion will conclude the findings that can be drawn from this research…
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The overall process involved in writing the essay
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Essay Reflection
The process of writing my essay was fascinating given the prompt preparation and literature search on the topic. Overall process involved in writing my essay included analyzing the given prompt, researching on the essay prompt to find the source of information, and deciding the style to use. I used a narrative essay style, which I included a personal narrative of what transpired in Kuwait to explain the cause of problems in the ecosystem. The rationale for choosing a narrative style is to illustrate the extent to which human activity can largely affect the ecosystem using a related personal experience during childhood.
The part that I was most proud of the essay was where I was able to use thee story to explain the consequences of ecological disaster in Kuwait. Every narrative essay has to have a story that connects to the main point, which I was able to achieve. Though the story used in the essay is sad, it was enjoyable to reflect on the history involving the mistakes that people make causing long-term consequences to the society, which served as a lesson to the world. From my perspective, I have no worry on any part of the essay. However, the introduction part of the essay may have been better if I included a thesis statement. If given more time, I would like to change the introduction a bit to include a thesis statement that brings out the main theme and focus of the essay. Read More
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