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Genre Analysis a Key to a Theory of ESP - Essay Example

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The following essay under the title "Genre Analysis a Key to a Theory of ESP" dwells on the peculiarities of genre analysis. As the author puts it, the written text is a projection of the writer’s emotions, which can either be gloom, joy or apathy. …
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Genre Analysis a Key to a Theory of ESP
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Extract of sample "Genre Analysis a Key to a Theory of ESP"

Download file to see previous pages As stated in the module, there is a strong distinction between genres and text types; the former refers to the ‘external criteria’ or the nature of the content of the prose whereas, text type refers to the organization or the linguistic form of the text. It is not just a question whether or not I apply this knowledge when composing my essays or any written material but this is, in fact, necessary for any individual who has a keen interest in writing.
Not only for the sake of coherence but once the writer has a firm grasp of the dynamics of genres and text types, they can steer the reader’s attention towards the true essence of the text and can help them decipher the writer intentions and emotions through the prose. Whilst writing a text pertaining to the horror genre, a writer would never employ a romantic setting or tone to help stimulate the reader’s imagination and that is why the distinction is necessary to make so that the writer knows which way to steer and the kind of description they must use to maintain the overall tone of the essay.
Specifying the genre narrows down the line of thought for the writer that in turn enables us to create scenes and characters that complement the overall sense of the text. Similarly, for me, it is helpful as it tells me where precisely I should focus on and what kind of vocabulary is to be used to establish appropriate imagery and cohesion to make the written text sound consistent. Even though the terms text type and genre are actually mean different things but they are highly dependent upon each other since a genre is very helpful in enabling the writer to choose the most appropriate form of organization or text type that can project the writer’s implication. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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