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Critical thinking also helps in the learning of such aspects as internalization, development of the primary ideas and their principles and also the…
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Points of View
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Points of View Enter Here HUM/115 Enter the Due Here Enter the Here POINTS OF VIEW PAGES 266-268 & 276-278 OF CRITICAL THINKING
An Opinion on A Specific Social, Political, Or Educational Issue
Critical thinking has its significance in academics that, for this reason, makes it so to have the same importance in learning. Critical thinking also helps in the learning of such aspects as internalization, development of the primary ideas and their principles and also the contents of some theories. Critical thinking, in this case, entails the learning application of these ideas, theories, and principles as they become implemented in the learners’ lives (Arend, 2009).
Research On Opinion
Reliable And Credible Articles
The two reliable and the credible articles on the critical thinking issue are the;
The Journal of Educators Online, Volume 6, Number 1, January 2009 1, Encouraging Critical Thinking In Online Threaded Discussions by Arend, B
Teacher Perceptions Of Critical Thinking Among Students And Its Influence On Higher Education by Choy, S., & Cheah, P.
Reason For The Choice The Articles And Explain How They Are Reliable And Credible.
The articles present a comprehensive analysis and the discussion of the role of the educators in the development of critical thinking. In this instance, the articles insist that for the students to be fully active in critical thinking, the educator’s needs to act as facilitators. In the process, it will allow for the discussions that will promote a freedom of thought. Apart from the freedom of thought, it will also provide the environment that creates an opportunity for the students critically to understand the concepts that come various areas related to the field of education. On top of that, the articles add that the educators’ role, in this case, is to encourage the peer review process even from the young children (Choy, Cheah, 2009). As a result, it will enable them to understand the appropriate solutions and opinions relating to problems and issues in education. For instance, through engaging the students in such activities as writing of the essays, he articles reiterates that it will enable the students to develop their critical thinking capability.
The Data in the Relevance to the Opinion
From the research conducted on the issue of critical thinking in education, the data got from the two credible articles supported the already sought opinion before. For instance, through working hard, students will develop some promising results in their critical capability as they continuously learn the concepts and the ideologies that the educators impart on them (Choy, Cheah, 2009).
Effects of the Opinion after Researching on It
In relevance to the research on critical thinking, when compared to the opinion initially developed in education, critical thinking has some importance in the education sector. However, it fails to answer the below questions;
What practices promote the students’ ability of students to think critically about subject material?
In what ways can curriculum barriers promote the development of critical thinking?
Information Needed to Formulate an Educated Opinion
An opinion formulated relating to education must be in place. The information should promote the development of an individual’s capability towards making informed decisions in critical thinking (Arend, 2009).
Arend, B. (2009). The Journal Of Educators Online, Volume 6, Number 1, January 2009 1, Encouraging Critical Thinking In Online Threaded Discussions. The Journal of Educators Online, 6(1), doi:
Choy, S., & Cheah, P. (2009). Teacher Perceptions Of Critical Thinking Among Students And Its Influence On Higher Education. International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, 20(2), 198-206. Read More
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