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The Knights Templar - Research Paper Example

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Instructor: The Knights Templar Introduction It is a documented fact; the Knights Templar is a famous medieval that subsisted in the western part of the world (Templar 1). The Knight Templar being a religious military had secrets and wealth which destroyed most organizations…
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The Knights Templar
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"The Knights Templar"

Download file to see previous pages Being a monastic military, the Knight Templar’s mandate was to protect Christian’s pilgrims on the route to the holy land. King Richard 1 commonly known as Richard the lion Hearted fought along side the Templars in the battle to the holy lands. The Templar was interesting because it had both soldiers and monks, making some of the earliest soldiers in the Western World. Orders played a vital role in many battles of the crusade to the extent that it improved modern banking, which could be considered as a notable improvement. The knights of the Templars started in small group, and as time progressed it grew in membership. The members of the group possessed certain duties and lifestyles, which made them unique in all their endeavors. As the military fighting for Christ, the Templars kept aside every temptations of the ordinary secular life, for a dedicated life of holiness and service to God. Since then, the concept of service has been the legacy of the Templars whereby most people emulate the military group. To many, the military group fought for Christ extraordinarily putting aside every secular life for an arduous life of service. In reality, the Templars’ services were greatly appreciated given the fact that, they gave their lives fully for the sake of Christ. At this point, the following paper aims to discuss the Knights Templar through giving out a brief history, its mandatory purpose, and its religious benefits. To Hale (1), the Knight Templars were the soldiers of the Christ throughout the medieval world of Solomon’s Temple. This implies that the Knight Templars were devoted soldiers who had set their lives for the service. Historically, the Templars originated from the Kingdom of Jerusalem around 118 AD whereby nine members vowed to protect the pilgrim of the dangerous road leading to Jerusalem. The Templars members combined the rules of knight in a remarkable way that the western world had never seen before. Their passion to serve was so notable that, King Baldwin 11 of Jerusalem granted part of his palace to them for their headquarters, which thereafter a became a stable place of the Temple Mount which was referred to as Solomon’s Temple. After a while, the temple was captured by the Muslims whereby they built their holiest site commonly known as the Temple Mount. Despite controversial that emerged from who possessed the temple, the site remained sacred to the Jews, Muslims, and Christians. Many assumed the temple was significant to Christians since it was the storage of the Ark of the Covenant with other biblical treasures. After twenty years of crusaders conquest of Jerusalem, the noble French knight collected eight knights where several of them were relatives. Their stated assignment was to protect pilgrims of the holy land in service as military members gave their lives fully to the commitment of Christ. The knights were seen as complementary to the society in the sense that, they cared for sick and weary pilgrims while the Templars guarded those approaching and those who left the city. The Knights Templar was emulated by many, particularly the official blessings of the church of the Council of Troyes, which grew dramatically hence the group was showered with blessings and donations. The group grew exceptionally, and as time progressed, they received land and money to assist the fight in the holy land. The group was so respected that, no princes, kings, or bishop could command ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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