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Texts 2 - Essay Example

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Also, the model by Jafari and Ritchie explains tourism as a multi-disciplinary field. But on the other hand, Tribe presented some…
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Texts 2
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Download file to see previous pages The model somehow mixes the inner and outer sings as well as many disciplines which can be seen by explaining that sociology, psychology and economics are major disciplines whereas parks and recreation, agriculture and transport are not the fields of study but are included as major disciplines in the model. The model actually is a puzzle between major and minor disciplines (Tribe, 1999)
Also, we can say that marketing and business represent themselves as a problem. Marketing in general is considered a business function, it uses principles and guidelines from sociology and psychology as well as uses some of the business principles. Marketing is studied as a sub major in business and also, law is included in the business studies. So we can include these two as sub majors in the major discipline of business. "techniques required in business studies are derivative partly from the disciplines that contribute to them and partly from the world of business practice." Henkel’s analysis clearly explains aforementioned theories and states that in an alternate form that the validation of a part of its knowledge is outside of its academy (tribe, 1999).
Tourism and business studies are the two emerging fields of studies and both of these fields collide or cooperate with each other in one way or the other. Hence, Tribe forces on the fact that there needs to be a new formulation of re interpretation of the model presented by Ritchie and Jafari since we need to incorporate business and marketing in the their model.Accommodating all the disciplines and departments under one heading of tourism studies is rather confusing and very difficult. We can say that we now need to divide the field of tourism studies into multiple fields, at least two and one of these two fields can be called tourism business studies whereas rest are still to be identified or incorporated into other fields of tourism studies.
A tourism business study is a field of study mainly inspired from business ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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