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Modern tough economic conditions and the world of competition make it seem almost impossible. But it is much easier as it may seem from the first sight. There is a set of simple rules and pieces of advice that will help you to…
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How to find a good job
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Running head: HOW TO FIND A GOOD JOB How to Find a Good Job HOW TO FIND A GOOD JOB 2
Finding a good job is not an easy task nowadays. Modern tough economic conditions and the world of competition make it seem almost impossible. But it is much easier as it may seem from the first sight. There is a set of simple rules and pieces of advice that will help you to find a good job without major problems.
How to Find a Good Job
Finding a proper job has always been quite a problematic issue for each and every person. Every one of us will face (or has already faced) a problem of finding a job that would suit us best of all. I would like to offer you some easy hints which will be, in my point of view, very helpful while looking for a good job. I believe that following a few easy rules will help everyone to become successful in their search for a proper job.
To begin with, let’s find out what a “good” job means. For most people the best position is the one with the highest salary. But do not be confused by this global delusion. A real “good” job should be a combination of 3 most important factors: money, pleasure and time consumption. To be more persuasive I would like to illustrate you some examples.
Imagine that you have successfully found a well-paid job, but it just does not suit your preferences. If a person does not like what he or she is doing, than he or she will not be dedicated to the job, they will not fulfill it properly and, in the end, they might get fired.
Now think about another situation. You were lucky to find a well-paid job that you really enjoy doing. But the problem is that it takes all your spare time and you do not have any opportunity simply to have a rest. After first few weeks of such intense work you will be tired and exhausted and will think about leaving such a job.
So, taking into everything account, we are now convinced that a good job should be not only well-paid, but also should meet the worker’s preferences and should not take all the time of a worker.
Furthermore, a “good” job should imply career growth. We are all mature people and everyone should think about future prospects when choosing a job. All the pains and dedication at work must be rewarded somehow, and the best way to do this is promotion. So, a proper job is also the one that ensures encouragement and stimulation in a form of career growth.
Now, as we have figured out what a “good” job is, it is time to hunt for it. You should be aware that we all live in a world of extreme competition. Job market is pretty severe and we do not have a choice, except for adjusting to its tough conditions. Even if you are a good and skilled professional, an employer will not come and knock at your door one day with an offer of a wonderful job position. You will have to search for it yourself, attend dozens of job interviews and try to surpass other applicants.
To stand out of a crowd of applicants out there you have to be better than the majority. The first way to gain superiority and to increase your chances is to get a good education. Remember that no employer will hire an uneducated worker when there is a great number of educated candidates. In addition to this, various courses and working experience in your field will also make your resume more convincing.
Job interview is one of the most important steps in acquiring a good job. Remember that an impressive resume does not guarantee your success at the interview. Of course, to get a proper job an applicant should have worthy education, and previous job experience is also preferable. But everything, from your behavior to your appearance, matters at your job interview. Sit straight, be calm and polite, smile and do not be nervous; dress neatly, reservedly; do not be either too persistent nor too compliant. These are a few easy but very important pieces of advice that will help you to pass your job interview and get a good job.
And the last but not least, you should not give up your search under any condition. The cases when people find a good job at once are very rare. It is more likely that you will have to go through a series of failures and rejections. If employers do not call you back three days after your interview, you are not likely to get this job. So do not sit by the phone and wait for the call. Move on and continue your search (Liz Ryan, 2014). It does not mean that something is wrong with you, it’s just the competition is too tough. Keep trying and finally you will get a job of your dream.
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