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The acquisition of a position in such an organization is a privilege and a chance to prepare for the future. However, the excellence in the college education is a matter of various qualities that a student…
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Successful Student
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Download file to see previous pages As a sign, there is a need to establish on what grounds a person can excel in college.
Success for college students is as a result of their character before they become a part of the institution and after joining the system. The article reviews on the way a character defines a person and how it induces the success f the Person in the learning institution. The aspect that a person with a bad character cannot or can excel in the education system is part of the script. The argument that earlier character also induces the character that results at college is also a part of the publication. In addition, the aspect of whether the friends of a person influence an individuals character in such a way that they affect the grades in college is a part of the script.
The chief aim is to instill skills in an individual in order to prepare the person for the real world. In order for the person to become a success, there is a need to instill knowledge from all facets. The bid is in an attempt of producing an all round person who is capable of living in the high competition of the world.
In order for a person to excel in college, it is well enough to think of what they need to become successful. A person needs to have discipline. Training revolves around good character, good time management, respect and the act of expressing logic. In other words, a person must be civilized enough in order to make the most out of college education.
Success in college comes from maintaining strict class attendance. The student should have a timetable for all his classes and strive always to get there in time. Timely arrival is important because most tutors use the first few minutes of their sessions, to sum up, the previous lecture. It is not enough to attend classes, but the student must commit full attention and participation while in class. The student should aim to contribute as much as possible and get involved by asking questions. This not only makes them enjoy the class session, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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