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There are certain public officials who abuse their office and engage in underhand dealings and they use their power to conceal their practices. Public officials should…
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I believe that muckraking is good as it can expose many phony government figures who engage in dirty business. There are certain public officials whoabuse their office and engage in underhand dealings and they use their power to conceal their practices. Public officials should be open to scrutiny and in some cases, their actions are of public interest though they are conducted in the dark. Such people try to conceal their practices as much as they can but this is when investigative journalism comes in handy. I think that journalists who search out and expose real or apparent misconduct do not go too far in the pursuit of their stories. According to McQuail (2000), the media play a watchdog role in society and they should expose all the public officials who abuse their office. These people should be accountable for their actions to the people they represent in government in particular. To that effect, I think all matters of public interested should be thoroughly investigated.
However, I believe that if the muckraker has to resort to using the tactics of the one whom they are trying to expose, then the pursuit has gone too far. The other aspect is that this would be tantamount to invasion of privacy. There are certain muckrakers who go deep down into other individuals’ private lives and I think this practice is not good. Every individual is entitled to privacy and this right should not be violated. Though good, muckraking should focus on issues of public interest such as abuse of office by politicians and other public officials instead of concentrating on individuals’ private lives.

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Muckrakers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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