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A short ( A level standard) - Essay Example

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It was the morning of Christmas day and every child in the neighbourhood was busy preparing to go to the theatre show that was due in two hours’ time. However, something was amiss in…
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A short essay ( A level standard)
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Download file to see previous pages The events which led to the demise of his twin brothers, Dan and Jacob a year ago. He dearly missed them, his friends, play mates and also royal confidants. His life took a new turn that day when the three were playing in the house and Dan, the eldest among them tried to switch on the electric cooker and make a sandwich.
The mother had gone to the market to buy their favourite foodstuffs so that she could prepare them a delicious meal. However, this would not happen as Dan was instantly electrocuted and the same fate befell his brother Jacob as he tried to assist him. The celebration mood turned sour and Janet, their mother, watched in disbelief as her sons bodies were hurled into the back of a waiting police car and to the morgue. David, the youngest observed with shock as her mother wailed in disbelief on seeing her son’s lifeless bodies lying on the ground. He was eight years then and thus could not fathom the magnitude of the occurrence as he was too young for it. But the mother knew what exactly the death of her beloved sons meant to her. It meant eternal physical separation from his twins whom she had treasured since birth and had vowed to protect, even with her own life if need be, all the days of her life.
But now she had lost it all, she could not restore their life, they were gone forever. The pain and grief was unbearable, she was devastated and was hospitalised for depression. She was later discharged after immense help from a psychosocial counsellor and was able to cope and move on with life. This affected her performance at work as she could not be able to deliver the services required of her. She was thus relieved off her duties and was jobless for several months before she bumped into a secretarial job in the firm she is currently working in. Six months after the incident, Mr. Brown was diagnosed with a rare cardiovascular disease and was scheduled for operation in December. David ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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