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The Godfather Trilogy is a three part movie telling of the lives of an Italian Mafioso family directed by Francis Ford Coppola under Paramount Pictures. The trilogy is based on a novel by an Italian American Mario Puzo. Coppola (Sciannameo, 2010) presented the blockbusting…
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The God Father
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The God Father Trilogy The God Father Trilogy The Godfather Trilogy is a three part movie telling of the lives of an Italian Mafioso family directed by Francis Ford Coppola under Paramount Pictures. The trilogy is based on a novel by an Italian American Mario Puzo. Coppola (Sciannameo, 2010) presented the blockbusting trilogy as a metaphor for the United States capitalism and obsession with profit making.
There is no actual mention of the word mafia, but the trilogy has courted controversy with equal approval and denunciation. Critics decry its perceived promotion of organised crime and its explicit depiction of Italian-Americans as gangsters (Sciannameo, 2010). The film has been accused of promoting the view that Italian immigrants brought into the country their vices such as organised crime and corrupted the American social fabric.
On the other hand, the trilogy has been credited with telling the story of a family uprooted from its ancestral home in Sicily, immigration to and adaptation in America, and the succession. The Corleone family depicts the Italian immigrants struggle to settle in a strange country, retain their culture and deal with past problems, familial ties, bad choices and, above all, a will to survive any problems (Sciannameo, 2010). The trilogy neither condemns nor excuses organised crime, but rather brings out into the open the hitherto secret operations of the Mafia imported from Sicily. It shows the original purpose of the organisation; which was the protection from oppression, and subsequent corruption into organised crime. Overriding this theme is the determination of a family to stay afloat, presented without judgement of the means by which they choose to achieve their ends.
Sciannameo, F. (2010). Nina Rota’s The God Father Trilogy: A Film Score Guide Maryland: Scarecrow Press Inc. US. Read More
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The God Father Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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