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The South Coast Plaza by Segerstrom Family - Essay Example

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The reporter states that when people talk about luxury shopping, it refers to the largest mall on the West Coast of the south coast plaza. It is easy to find San Diego when driving from Lax since it is situated at a junction of 405 freeways and 55 freeways. …
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The South Coast Plaza by Segerstrom Family
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Download file to see previous pages The plaza has recorded highest sales of 1.5 billion dollars in America. Since March 1967, South Coast has overcome various difficulties and challenges. In the beginning, it started as bean fields and as time went by it grew bigger. Various famous groups joined this party thereafter.
From 1973 to 1979, additional stores were added for Bullock’s, I. Magnin, Nordstrom, and Sakes Fifth Avenue. Since Segerstrom family had a bigger dream, they never stopped developing it. From 1986, South Coast began its largest expansion and grew on the streets and by the end of 1987; it was totally a unique place. Because of its expansion and various famous stores, South Coast improved its level from a local plaza to a standard national mall. In May 2007, it had a final reconstruction that resulted in re-opening of Bloomingdale’s.
However, it is difficult to examine every store in the area. The South Coast Plaza has four architecture parts. Beginning with the west wing between Fairview Road and Bear Street is the furniture area that contains various famous furniture stores such as Marcy’s Home Furniture Store and Crate and Barrel Home Store.
The largest part of this Plaza is situated in the middle surrounded by malls like Macy’s Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, and Sears. The east wing of the plaza is built for official businesses and on the north wing, there is a small part called the South Coast Plaza Village that hosts many restaurants for the visitors and locals.
Currently, South Coast is the largest malls in the world, and its reputation and fame have attracted a number ranging from millions of people across the world every year. With this regard, it has become national scenic spots. When compared to Yellowstone National Park and many other places, it is a preferable area by the visitors from Asia. Almost a half of travel groups from China tend to go to the South Coast. It is nearly 14 hours flight from China Lax. Most of the visitors from China want to see the greatest mall on the first day since the place majorly attracts them because of its magic. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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