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I am aware that going to place with a different culture from mine would require some adjustment but I must admit that no one can really prepare for it. Just when I thought I was ready for it, my experience proved that I was not entirely ready for it. I experienced cultural…
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Culture experience
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Teacher Culture shock I am aware that going to place with a different culture from mine would require some adjustment but I must admit that no one can really prepare for it. Just when I thought I was ready for it, my experience proved that I was not entirely ready for it. I experienced cultural shock in clothing, music and general behavior of people.
I came from a conservative society where people are fully covered when they dress. This aspect really shocked because many young people of my age here wear revealing and sometimes skimpy clothes which is unacceptable from where I came from. I must admit that at first I was uncomfortable and felt scandalized but knowing that this is not my place, I just kept silent and stayed away.
Do not get me wrong, we also love music from where I came from. But not that kind of music and dance that is so loud that it shakes the ground. It may sound an exaggeration but it scared me at first. There were dances that that accompanied the music that I am not comfortable as well. I must admit that I am not still comfortable with it but they are easy to avoid so it no longer bothers.
The foods are pretty different but it is relatively easier to adjust since I can buy my supply from a grocery that serves my cultural food so it is not really that hard. It took me around few months to get used to my new cultural environment. I just adopted an open mind and the new friends I got helped me get through the adjustment. Read More
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Culture Experience Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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