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Independent Business Analysis Project - Essay Example

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Independent Business Analysis Project Personal Development Plan 2013 Module Leader: Prepared By: Student Number: CONTENTS 1. Introduction. 2. Literature review – culture shock and acculturation…
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Independent Business Analysis Project
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Download file to see previous pages ................. 5. Personal development and action planning.................................................................. 6. Conclusions and reflections............................................................................................ 1. Introduction There is an inherent desire that is relatively universal, known as the similarity-attraction hypothesis, which states individuals tend to seek out others with similar characteristics. Such salient characteristics include personal interests, values, beliefs, skills and even age (Ward and Bochner 2001). Working professionally or even in the social environment, the similarity-attraction hypothesis dictates that it would be rather impractical that all individuals would have the adaptability and cognitive/psychological capacity to adjust within a team environment unless individuals shared the same salient characteristics. This demand for adaptability often creates culture shock, an inability to adjust to a differing culture within an institution (Allison et al. 2012). Symptoms of culture shock vary from person to person, however it is a legitimate phenomenon addressing the psycho-social outcomes when attempting to amend inherent cultural characteristics to meet and address the cultural tendencies of a new cultural dynamic. One of the most fundamental skills gaps that I maintain is a lack of confidence in businesses that do not maintain what I consider to be appropriate expertise especially when I have discovered that my opinions and sentiments about various issues or potential business solutions are legitimate and supersede actual business practice. Culture shock becomes, then, a legitimate phenomenon that impacts team functioning and presentational prowess. To address this and other recognised skills gaps, I will be examining the phenomenon of culture shock and the characteristics required for proper and productive team-working that will provide the template by which to develop a personal plan of action of self-improvement within a future business dynamic. 2. Literature review – culture shock and acculturation The concept of culture shock is a very well-recognised phenomenon occurring with students and even business professionals. Individuals, inherently, tend to seek out other associates, friends or colleagues that maintain similar characteristics in order to find their own personal comfort zone within the social condition (Ward and Bochner 2001). Culture shock occurs when an individual is forced to work within a diverse cultural group or function within a differing social environment where cultural dimensions vary from home country culture. It is a feeling of personal disorientation and lack of personal comfort that occurs when attempting to acclimate oneself to a new culture (Knell 2007). At the psychological level, the inborn desire to socialise and work with individuals that share similar values, languages, and beliefs has significant impact on establishment of social belonging, a universal motivational need that is necessary to achieve self-esteem and the pinnacle of one’s full talents and ambitions (Weiten and Lloyd 2005). However, culture shock often becomes an outcome of being coerced to work with diverse individuals hailing from unique cultures, which can lead to a variety of symptoms ranging from depression and anxiety to even overt hostility (Nebreda 2012). Culture shock is a by-product of the inherent needs related to the similarity-attraction hypothesis where an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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