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Coming to the land of oppurnity - Essay Example

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In most cases, the economic stability and dominance of American cultures persuade people to think that the country provides the opportunity for people…
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Coming to the land of oppurnity
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Download file to see previous pages The philosophy also aimed at facilitating a vibrant and better state. In this context, an individuals ability and determination limits his or her capacity to become successful in life. This essay focuses on discussing why most immigrants come to America. In America, they tend to live the foreign dream and accept their way of life.
The reports provided by CNN (2014) indicate that America has experienced diversity in the immigrant population. In 1960s, European immigrants dominated the statistics. At the time of the report, most of them came from Asia, China, India and North America. The striking feature of such immigrants is that most of them seek to gain permanent residence in the country. The report by the CNN also reveals that the state granted 990,553 immigrants permanent residence. Specifically, the report indicates that an Asia and North America were represented at 40% and 32% of the total immigrant population respectively. Mexico, China, and India, were also represented at higher percentages compared to other countries. In 2012, America’s homeland security projected that 11.4 million illegal immigrants also resided in the country (CNN, 2014). These trends show that America is one of the places where most people would wish to stay.
The high rate of immigration into the country can be attributed to the promise held by American dream. It entails living a happy and prosperous life in the country. Such promises are daring and enticing beyond what immigrants experienced in their countries of origin (Murphy, 2010). The ideology has influenced how people behave in America. The central principle of the doctrine is that every person can work hard to become successful in life regardless of their social, racial or tribal backgrounds. In most cases, an individual’s material possession portrays the effect of the ideology on the behavior of American citizens. Another basis of measurements includes home ownership ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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