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International Business: World Economic Forum and Davos 2010 - Coursework Example

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"International Business: World Economic Forum and Davos 2010" paper state that WEF's sole purpose is to bring together the world’s intellectuals, journalists, and political and business leaders under one roof every year to discuss issues that could improve the state of the people across the globe. …
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International Business: World Economic Forum and Davos 2010
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Extract of sample "International Business: World Economic Forum and Davos 2010"

Download file to see previous pages While each force of globalization is important, the technological revolution has impacted the business models, value creation and differentiation (Spelman, 2010). The cloud computing technologies that have made the popular social networking applications possible are now being applied to development, healthcare, and society. Today mobile telephones are more like powerful computers that take care of many of the societal challenges facing both developed and developing countries (Evans, 2010). In Chile, new software enables weather information to farmers who can now make informed decisions on when and how to sow or harvest the crops. However, the fear or ignorance of cloud computing technology could harm the chances of the SMEs becoming major players globally because it does not even help in times of recession to cut costs (Strategic Direction, 2010). Innovation drives the world and devices are growing, smaller, smarter and more connected. Sensing technology is being developed that can sense power consumption and power quality. A modest sheet of paper, 50,000 thinner than human hair, when stacked, nets a material 500 times stronger than steel and is changing the way airplanes, automobiles and electronics are made (Alpern, 2009).

International Technological collaborations are taking place in the form of strategic alliances, joint ventures, and intimate supplier-producer relationships. Such collaborations include activities such as joint development agreements, technology sharing, and R&D contracts amongst others (Rycroft, 2002). ICT has pervaded every aspect of business and today the value chain depends on the use of technology to link the customers and suppliers. In the current dynamic and global markets, technology enables the companies to be innovative and influence timely product deliveries (Kess, Law, Kanchana & Phusavat, 2010). In the face of globalization, the relationship between manufacturers and intermediate buyers is governed by hybrid structures known as strategic alliances (Lin & Lin, 2010).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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International Business: World Economic Forum and Davos 2010 Coursework - 2.
(International Business: World Economic Forum and Davos 2010 Coursework - 2)
International Business: World Economic Forum and Davos 2010 Coursework - 2.
“International Business: World Economic Forum and Davos 2010 Coursework - 2”.
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