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An uncomfortable event - Essay Example

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This is in the very same wait that human beings find it hard to explore these issues; therefore, people term them as “grey areas.” I always thought that these areas…
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An uncomfortable event
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Download file to see previous pages 12). People ignore them and sadly, I was amongst the persons that would rather have ignored these issues instead of that acknowledging that they were a part of the society I called home and in truth, I was in no way a contributor to the solution. They say that experience goes a long way in educating fools and my dawn came much earlier than I anticipated.
I pride myself on being a traveler. My family is well off and I have been lucky to come across various opportunities to visit foreign places. In my ventures, I have seen a lot of the beauty that life has to offer. It is only in recent years that I have indeed acknowledged that in as much as I have seen life’s beauty I have kept away from delving deep into its ugliness. I used to be the kind of person who would rather not use a street that is the shortest way to my destination if I would come across scenes of poverty. This would force me to acknowledge that there are those living on the other side of life where even the most basic of needs are hard to come by.
Much as I like to travel, I have not been particularly inclined towards the smell of airports. I have asked a number of my friends if they notice that there is always a heavy smell of paper and machinery in airports. I call it the “smell of technology; thick, musky and nauseating.” Airports always heighten my anxiety. I find that when I am in one I tend to lose my calm demeanor and my heart starts to beat extremely first even if I am not in a rush. I have often thought that this could be because of the realization of incoming change through transition. Maybe it’s because everyone in the vicinity, always seems in a rush or maybe because of the lengthy protocols and official staff demeanor, whatever the case however, airports are my least favorite place.
I remember standing in line at the airport for check in. A little girl behind me squeaked with excitement. I could tell from her anxiety and the way she kept looking around, it was her first time ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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