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This transition can be described as a rite of passage. After I finished my high school education back in my home country (china) I decided to come to the United States of America to pursue my higher education…
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Rites of passage
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Rite Of Passage In life people have to make transitions from one stage to another. This transition can be described as arite of passage. After I finished my high school education back in my home country (china) I decided to come to the United States of America to pursue my higher education. After spending my entire life in China, this was a huge step for me since I had never travelled abroad before. I also believed that pursuing my higher education was an important aspect in my life since it will equip me with the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in life. I felt that the United States of America has the best higher education institutions in the world and also offer numerous opportunities for career growth once I complete my studies. This made the decision to come pursue my higher education in the United States of America much easier. This paper will discuss my transition from high school to college and the challenges encountered.
After making this crucial decision, I started making the necessary arrangements. I had to look for the best higher education institution in the United States that would suit my needs. The institution had to be well known, have excellent facilities and staff that would assist me in achieving my goals. I also had to secure admission in the institution. I was also forced to look for the necessary travel documents before I could leave my country. This was crucial as without the travel documents I wouldn’t be allowed to leave for the United States.
This was an important stage in my life as I had reached the majority age. This meant that could be a citizen in my own right. This allowed me to be able to convince my parents that I was mature enough to take care of myself in a foreign country miles away from them.
As a foreign student, I had to first of all, learn English which is the native language used in America. This proved to be harder than I thought. However, everyone, especially the tutors were very understanding and encouraged me a lot. I also had to leave behind my family and friends. Whom, I had gotten used to seeing and being around. I also had to leave behind the Chinese food and culture. On the positive side, I had gotten my chance to pursue my higher education studies in one of the best universities in the world. It also gave me an opportunity to meet new people and learn about their culture. It also gave me an opportunity to travel the world.
Deciding to come to pursue my higher education in the United States has helped become a better person. I have learned how to manage my money and spend it wisely. I have also learnt to live with others and cultural diversity. I have also learned to make important decisions on my own and this has made me become independent at an early age. Lastly, I have learnt a lot in class through my knowledgeable lectures and I hope I will use this knowledge and skills learnt to advance my career goals and make the world a better place. Read More
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