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Stress is the way a person feels (e.g., anxious, tense, burdened) in response to real or perceived stressors. A stressor may be observable (e.g., violence, poor living conditions, a physical disability), or it may be less visible to others (e.g., emotional abuse, trauma)…
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Download file to see previous pages Particularly negative stress in life affects you the most.
Some stress can have a positive effect. From a positive stress perspective, its individual's natural reaction to accept dealing with life's extraordinary challenges and fight against the odds. Stressful events can also bring out the best and actually increases ability to survive in side the individual. Many people experienced great energy boost when they are forced to deal with a stressful situation they came across. Positive stress can help with concentration and focus.
An individual faces stress in sudden changes in life; includes death of parents, abandonment, serious accidents, natural disasters, demolition of home, war, physical and sexual assaults. They disrupt the life and cause of serious stress and pain.
It includes, rush hour traffic, aggravating associates, long lines at the store or bank, too many things to do, and misplacing things. Over time, stress takes a toll on our health and well being. It can lead to feelings of hopelessness or high blood pressure rates and helplessness, low self-esteem, headaches, sleeplessness, and frequent illness
Stresses in the urban life come with poverty, unemployment, single parenting, and overcrowding. The lives of street children are usually filled with long-term problems that are difficult to solve: poverty, denial of human rights, psychological difficulties, illnesses, and lack of educational and recreational opportunities. Rejection or a sense of rejection by family members, friends, school, health or other services, and society in general Adolescent developmental changes
2. Life transitions
Transitions in life, such as moving neighborhoods or cities, changing peer groups, or beginning a romantic relationship, changing schools or switching over to new job are always stressful because they require people to behave in new ways.

Meaning of Transition
Life is full of transition, death and parting being a major part of life. Change happens frequently throughout life, and an individual will go through many transitions. Life transitions are predictable changes in lives. Transition means changing from one place, stage, or relationship to another and some will signal the start of a new set of ventures.
As described in United Nations Economic and Social Council doctrine;
"Political, economic and social changes in transition countries left large segments of society very vulnerable. People lost guaranteed employment, the security of old age pensions and free access to basic social services. Massive unemployment, underemployment, non-payment of salaries, loss of savings due to hyperinflation and fast rising costs of health and other services made them very susceptible to various risks. They suffered from the loss of self-respect, when their skills and knowledge were no longer in demand. Many people became marginalized, as they lost access to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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