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Model of youth citizenship - Research Paper Example

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In applying the goal of teaching citizenship in schools, Wood and Hine (2009) have pointed out that there is a conflicting situation presented in relation to these young people. These authors are of the opinion that young people in Britain today are the most tested…
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Model of youth citizenship
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Download file to see previous pages Wood and Hine (2009) have proposed a model of citizenship for young people wherein the manner in which young people themselves identify and experience citizenship forms the basis of knowledge about young people and how they are likely to respond to policy issues. In presenting their model of citizenship, Wood and Hine (2009) have pointed out that the underlying premise behind introducing citizenship education in schools is to ensure that young people become more actively engaged in the community. As a result, citizenship education has been presented as an effective solution to many social problems. The exercise of effective citizenship is therefore strictly external to young peoples’ lives and issues such as anti social behaviour have to be taken into account in deriving an effective model for teaching citizenship to young people. Wood and Hine (2009) have observed that where citizenship research in the cast of young people are concerned, external issues relating to young people, such as their political activities, their moral attitudes and their social activities have been associated with quantitative measures. On the basis of risk and age profiles, such quantitative application has enabled a recognition of the extent to which young people are lacking in certain areas. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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