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Many thinks that Professor Sam’s obsession with Alien and other intelligent beings in the universe is a subject of science fiction and not fitting for a scientist like Professor Sam. Nobody believed him and his…
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Finding an alien Dynamic Character: Sam Static character: Captain Explorer Sam is considered by many as a weird scientist. Many thinks that Professor Sam’s obsession with Alien and other intelligent beings in the universe is a subject of science fiction and not fitting for a scientist like Professor Sam. Nobody believed him and his research were largely unfunded. Professor Sam is only lucky that he is the only son of the billionaire Hendrix Sam whose huge fortunes were entirely given to Professor Sam being the only son when his parents died in a plane crashed in the Java Sea on their way to a holiday in Bali, Indonesia. Professor Sam dedicated his entire inheritance to his project of finding aliens and other intelligent being in deep space spending millions of dollars in telescopes, communication equipment and other scientific devices. He was mocked by the scientific community and the academe doubted the professor that he was seldomly invited for any speaking engagement nor asked to lecture in the universities. Still, Professor Sam insisted that an intelligent being exists in deep space and may also be equally curious to find other intelligent beings in the same manner that we do or in his case, he does.
Professor’s daily ritual involves checking the log of his interspace radar for any signs of unidentified flying objects. He also adjust his telescopes from time to time as he try to explore the deep skies. It has been like these for years and for years, the poor professor has been mocked. If not for his inheritance, the good professor may have been sleeping in the streets because his projects were funded by his inheritance.
Until one day his radar registered an unusual bleep. At first Professor Sam did not take it seriously but it became persistent for weeks. Then on a sunny Monday morning, the Professor heard an audible voice on his com. At first they were not able to understand it but the Professor became ecstatic because the voice came from an intelligent being. Months have passed and they were able to developed a decoder and for the first time they understood the voice on the com. It said “This Captain Explorer of Planet XYZ in the Obscura Galaxy, if anyone can hear me please respond”. Professor Sam ecstatically replied and two communicated for months until an arrangement of a visit was finalized.
The world was captivated by the Professor’s discovery. Suddenly, the world’s attention was now focused on the Professor and it made him an instant celebrity. From being a weird, unknown, obscured and even a loathed scientist to popular, well-loved and even a rich scientist. Professor Sam’s discovery and interaction with Captain Explorer proved that he was right that there are other intelligent beings in the universe and this has benefited him most. He even won the Nobel Peace Prize for Science.
Until the day of the visit came. The area where Captain Explorer was built in seclusion for security. Captain Explorer and Professor Sam communicated during the landing but the Professor was not able to see the ship of Captain Explorer. The professor sent his team to look for the ship in the area but still can’t find the ship until they heard screaming on the com. One of his search team stepped on the ship and killed all its passengers.
To his dismay, the professor committed suicide because he just killed his discovery. Read More
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CEATIVE WRITING SHORT STORY Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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