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It furthermore explores how to incorporate as well as properly document various sources in these papers. Steps for developing an academic…
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Summary page (56-89)
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Summary of Strategies for Writing Academic Arguments This chapter mainly provides insight into how to design an academic argument, and the strategy as well as structure of Rogerian argument. It furthermore explores how to incorporate as well as properly document various sources in these papers. Steps for developing an academic argument are detailed as exploring perspectives relating to a subject, analysing them, designing an organisational plan and drafting as well as seeking feedback. The types of claim, on which the argument is supposed to be built, the body of the argument, concepts of ethos, logos and pathos, rhetorical context along with counterarguments are discussed in detail. The strategies to organize the argument and also its outline are then provided. An example of an annotated student essay is provided to give a good idea about a research based argument.
Next, and introduction into the Rogerian argument is provided, and it is expressed that this type of argument holds its ground on a controversial issue involving dialog which has a non-confrontational structure and a tone of consensus building. The outline or organizational plan of the Rogerian argument is then provided followed by another annotated student essay, which showcases the use of the Rogerian approach. The chapter then moves on to demonstrate the requirements for student collaboration writing project as well as offers a good sample of the same. Next section of the chapter focuses on incorporating sources into the argument detailing all types of sources as well as different documentation styles, and talks about the importance to avoid plagiarism. The preliminary and annotated bibliography are discussed next and respective examples are provided. Finally the steps to create a draft for the argument are detailed. Read More
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