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Fast food products are usually available at fast food outlets across the globe. Most of the products are prepared in high amounts of oil. If consumed excessively, fast food…
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Effects of fast food
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Effects of Fast Food The term fast food refers to food products or items that are cooked and served within a short time frame. Fast food products are usually available at fast food outlets across the globe. Most of the products are prepared in high amounts of oil. If consumed excessively, fast food products may cause health problems. The essay will analyze effects of fast foods on consumers’ health and social life.
First of all, fast food items have been recognized as major causes of obesity. The disease is caused by excessive accumulation of fats in the body. Most fast foods contain lots of fats and carbohydrates. People need to undertake general exercises in order to reduce the level of calories in their body. Excess consumption fast food leads to increase in the level of calories in the body. As a result, there is a significant increase in body weight. Eventually, consistent increase in body weight leads to obesity and other health related problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure.
Apart from causing obesity and other health related problems, fast foods affect people’s lifestyles in a negative way. Obese people often face problems travelling or interacting with other people in public. Social life eludes these people since they cannot participate in social activities such as swimming or playing football. Undertaking various exercises such as jogging becomes remains a major problem. Other lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure require financial assistance, a problem many victims experience.
Conclusively, fast food products remain the leading cause of obesity and other health related problems. People need to check their daily intake in order to avoid significant health risks. Therefore, lifestyles diseases and other social issues can be prevented if people follow nutrition guidelines from nutritionists. Read More
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Effects of Fast Food Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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