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This paper, MLA Formatting and Style Guide, presents MLA Formatting and Style Guide by Purdue OWL which is a technical document that is accessed online by the target audience. The user guide is a technical communication because it specializes in writing and is meant for a specific target audience…
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MLA Formatting and Style Guide by Purdue OWL
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MLA Formatting and Style Guide by Purdue OWL is a technical document that is accessed online by the target audience. The user guide is a technical communication because it specializes in writing and is meant for a specific target audience. The document can be accessed online via
The three levels include expert users, user with less knowledge compared to the experts and those with zero education or any kind of training. Before writing or creating any kind of documentation, it is very important for the author to evaluate the technicality of the audience. For instance, in case of expert users, the document needs to present facts through the use of figures and any available data, there is no need of definitions, explaining the data, background explanations and the writer can use abbreviations. This is different for writing other documents because one needs to explain things like terms, the used data and focus on the bigger picture.
Visuals are important in the sense that they enhance the meaning of the document and easily create an understanding to the user on what the document is all about. Visuals play a significant role in attracting the attention of the end user to a particular document and help them multitask when reading a technical document. Visuals keep the user interested because they easily connect to the document.
Training manuals is the choice of a technical communication document to use in my field. The document will be used to enhance classroom teaching by the professor and helps students understand better the subject at hand. The documents targets students in institutions of higher learning and it’s best suited compared to any other technical communication document such as promotional manuals.
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Mehler, Alexander and Romary, Laurent, Handbook of Technical Communication, Walter de Gruyter, 2012, pg 30, Print. Read More
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MLA Formatting and Style Guide by Purdue OWL Essay - 10.
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