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Summary 4 - Essay Example

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The author successfully transits from the definition to the common methods of clickjacking. The article sums up the topic by explaining how internet users can protect themselves from clickjacking.
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Summary 4
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Extract of sample "Summary 4"

How to Protect Yourself from Clickjacking Attacks al Affiliation) Article Summary The article commences by explaining the definition of clickjacking. The author successfully transits from the definition to the common methods of clickjacking. The article sums up the topic by explaining how internet users can protect themselves from clickjacking.
Clickjacking is an internet security concern whereby scam artists place a user interface element or invisible button using a transparent layer over an ‘innocent’ web page button or interface element. The web page button is often attractive to the user while in the actual sense it is a link to a totally different thing. For example, a user may come across a button such as “click here to see a video of…” As soon as the user clicks on the video; the invisible button takes over and may trick the user to; change privacy settings on social media accounts; like something that would otherwise had not been liked (likejacking); enable a device on his or her computer; or follow someone on twitter that otherwise would not have been followed.
However, users can protect their online profiles by updating their internet browser and plug-ins and downloading clickjacking detection software (such as NoScript).
ODonnell, Andy. 2014. How To Avoid Clickjacking. About. Read More
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Summary 4 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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