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Internet addiction - Essay Example

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The internet, as we all know it, is a vast empty space of stories, photos, videos and even the news that can distract you out of any possible action…
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Internet addiction
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Extract of sample "Internet addiction"

Download file to see previous pages People often tend to ask as to what internet addiction is. The focus of internet addiction can cause people to believe that they are being informed by the IAD, also known as internet addiction problem. This paper will look into the way in which internet manipulates people’s minds and distracts them, thus causing them to think about entirely different things and experience radical change in their priorities (Young, “Internet Addiction: Symptoms”). The solution to internet addiction is realization of addiction, time management, and increased family unions.
Firstly, Internet addiction is a very nasty disorder that might even be more technical than the obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) that most of the world is aware about. Just like OCD, the roots of internet addiction disorder are psychological and are triggered due to a nervous system that exists within the brain. What is shocking though, is the mere fact that internet addiction problem does not get as serious as OCD and is not fatal, physically, but it is fatal in the sense that a person loses his ability to grasp priorities and change from one situation to another in a smooth transition. A person having internet addiction will always have this time crunching feeling that he needs to work on something different, something more reproductive, on the internet. For example, a person who has an assignment to compete for his college will often try to complete the assignment because he feels responsible for it. However, if that student is addicted to internet, he will often get an urge to check what is going on when it comes to his Facebook account, Twitter account, some other social media platform account and thus get distracted immediately (Young, “Internet addiction: the”). His conscience may have been about fulfilling his responsibility but his obsession with social media platforms drives him to ruin his own work himself. Moreover, it also becomes hard for the ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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