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Within the group’s student were involved in numerous discussions. This learning strategy is known as cooperative learning. The cooperative learning is where the student work together to attain objectives that…
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Cover Letter Prompt
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Cover Letter Prompt Several of the tasks in the were completed in small groups. Within the group’s were involved in numerous discussions. This learning strategy is known as cooperative learning. The cooperative learning is where the student work together to attain objectives that are hard to obtain when they are working alone or competitively. Cooperative learning helps to actively involve student in the learning process. The strategy allows student to work together in small groups with individual with varying abilities, talent, and background to attain set goals. As mentioned earlier, Most of the tasks in the class were completed in groups. The group members learned from the group and also helped other members of the group also to learn. The group members worked until each member of the team understood and completed the task thus creating an atmosphere of the achievement.
The collaborative learning created situations where the student were required to discuss various perspectives and thus they obtained greater understanding of the concepts. This cooperative learning helped the student to acquire critical thinking skills. In the group setting, student gave and received explanation often from their group members. In the group discussion, student received answers feedback and explanation about their ideas and could quickly formulate responses. The discussion and debate were therefore great.
The class and group discussion helped to improve the oral communication skill. At some instance during the group or class discussion, members from other groups questioned the statement made by the group members. This prompted the members to calcify or explain their statement. From this student could learn to present their ideas in a clear manner. Again the discussions within groups brought out the conflicting viewpoints, from different individuals. According to Good, and Brophy, (2009), the awareness of conflicting viewpoint is necessary for collaborative groups to engender cognitive growth.
Finally, the cooperative learning helped to improve the writing skill. The group discussion and other class activity helped the student to write better on the topic at hand because it gave an opportunity to rehearse and internalize the appropriate language. In a number of cases, student was required to write some essay or reports. This helped to improve the student writing skills.
My favorite’s skill that I would like to focus on is oral communication skill. When student are working in-groups one member talks, while other listen, comment or ask question on what he/ she has heard. Answering the question or clarifying ideas is crucial to ensure one communicate effectively. When communicating it is essential that you develop a clear idea of the concept you want to represent and orally communicate it to your listener.
Good, T.L., and Brophy, J.E. Social skills for successful group work. Educational Leadership. 3rd Ed., NY,NY:Longman, 2009. Read More
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Cover Letter Prompt Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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