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Vertigo - Essay Example

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Rational development mainly focuses on changes in relationships. The process of communication occurs through several stages. Mark Knapp applies the basic notions…
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Extract of sample "Vertigo"

Download file to see previous pages This model covers the stages of coming together and the stages of moving apart. Looking at the film vertigo, the model of rational development can get applied to explain the film further and the communications that occur in the movie. It talks about how the characters in the film come together and eventually how they split.
Vertigo is an American psychological thriller film produced in the year 1958. The film brings together certain genres such as drama, romance, mystery & suspense. It involves around the police detective, John "Scottie" Ferguson who gets released from service due to his acrophobia and vertigo conditions (Hitchcock Film). He gets a lifeline when his close friend Gavin Elster, hires him to spy on her wife Madeleine. Strange events occur and in the end he falls in love with Madeleine. The film brings out several tragedies towards the end and perceptions about the characters change due to the strange decisions they make (Hitchcock Film). The film is regarded as one of the best films of all time. This study involves the use of Mark Knapps model of relational development to explain the types of communications that occur within the movie.
The first stage of the model is initiating. Here, the persons meet and they engage in small communication. In this case, we look at how Gavin meets Scottie, they engage in communication and Gavin tells him of the assignment. This stage leads to the next which is the experimenting stage. Here, the person has several questions on his mind regarding the information he received. Scottie tries to understand what Gavin wants from him and whether he can deliver. The two are looking to find a common ground amongst them regarding Gavin’s proposal to find out Madeleine’s activities. It leads to the next stage that is the intensifying stage. Here, Scottie and Gavin become very close, and they are now on the same page regarding the assignment.
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