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Weddings are among the most common events in the 21st century and people put in a lot to make sure that their unity by marriage ceremonies are the best. Different people have dissimilar ethnicities and customs that they incorporate in their ceremonies depending on the social…
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Division and Classsification
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Download file to see previous pages the wedding planners and participants such as the Groomsmen, best man, Bridesmaids, flower girls among others; however, these are not guests because of their roles.
Decisively, most people have attended weddings and observed the type of different guests there based on their behavior, contributions in certain areas and their dialogue. There is certain group of guests that one can point out in almost every wedding ceremony no matter how carefully or executive the couple does the event planning. Some of the brides complain that most of these guests are from the groom’s side of the family but even some are from the bride’s side and there is no single person to blame. Comparatively, this essay focuses on evaluating and analyzing the different types of guests commonly found in weddings based on behavior, reception by the other guests, dialogue and other unusual traits.
Relatives are probably the first people on the guest list of every wedding because they are the most supportive. However, in every group of relatives there is that one person who is either incongruous or random based on their dialogue around other guests and behavior around the couple. The random or inappropriate has very poor social skills because they say anything that comes to mind and to anyone. Additionally, they tend to sit around people that they have nothing or very little common with, which makes them inappropriate and weird; their conversations are out of place and generally painful, matter of fact, very people opt to sit the next to them, especially the relatives. The only time the inappropriate relatives are fun is when they meet with the group of the couple’s friends that likes to party; however, they are only hilarious to these friends when they are all drunk.
Remember the only reason that they attend the ceremony is because they overheard people talking about the wedding and decided to attend. Most of the time, they are introduced to the couple during the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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