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Answer three question - Essay Example

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They portray a world that is arguably twisted on its axis. A place of unconventional that resembles so little to normal life. Bender creates her…
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Answer three question
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Aimee Bender Short Stories Answer Upon a quick glance on Bender’s short story, it appear that Gender’s main character typify strange and unordinary things. They portray a world that is arguably twisted on its axis. A place of unconventional that resembles so little to normal life. Bender creates her creature to be unique to add to the fiction yet closely real situation which attract the interest of the readers .The events, the characters and the circumstances that they find themselves in have a pure unordinary taste to many readers that makes them keep yearning for more of her work. In “Legacy” a pregnant lady gets attracted and falls in love with a hunchback and “when they went to sleep, she spooned the man right from behind, her ballooned belly found way and fitted into the created spaces by the hunch in his back” (144).
Answer 2
The theme on “Drunken Mimi” is about the romance and binder perfectly employs imagery to capture the love as it would happen though in the most unordinary way. The strange things continue to happen, “an old male imp walking on stilts get in love with a strange mermaid whose nerve cells prolong throughout his hair. In this strange way, the male body appears to shrink at first, deforming and disappearing while the strange female body becomes a sight of sensuality, creation and continual expansion” (7).
Answer 3
Bender brings to life the old story we would hear from our great forefathers. She is simply a legend who makes the readers feel the intensity of such unordinary sentiments, even while she strives to make us feel the triviality of the most strange and astonishing incidences. Bizarre things take place in most of these stories. Quite unimaginable things and events. Yet it is possible to see the strand of human familiarity sticking out of these stories like hair would under an old hat.
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Bender, Aimee. Aimee Bender. 2 November 2014. 24 November 2014 . Print Read More
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Answer Three Question Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
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