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The improved working conditions as well as the reduced working hours therefore allowed the slaves to migrate to that area and culminate…
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Answer three question from each chapter
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Ch#4 2) The reason for the development of slavery in the area was that the slaves working in this area got more control of their working conditions. The improved working conditions as well as the reduced working hours therefore allowed the slaves to migrate to that area and culminate a bigger colony of slaves in Carolina. The difference between the North and South Carolina was based upon the notion of the racial tension. Since this part of the country had many slaves therefore the tension started to emerge between the whites as well as blacks and resultantly slave rebellion emerged in South Carolina. Slaves and their conditions, over the period of time improved and they enjoyed relatively better liberty as compared to others in terms of their working conditions as well as other benefits.
1) Over the period of time, the wars between British and France strengthened the relationship between the Americans and Britain. As a result of these wars, American traders got the opportunity to trade and expand their commercial base while at the same allowed Americans to basically gather against British forces too. The subsequent implementation of different laws such as Stamp Duty Act created enough resistance for the British forces in the region.
Two of the most important terms of the peace of Paris were that the British recognized American independence and withdrew all the royal forces. Victories of the Clark as well as the Spanish victories against British forces gave much leverage to America to get as much as it can because Britain at that time had very little choice. One of the major problem which was not resolves was the fact that British forces returned East and West Florida to Spain whereas some of the terms of the treaty were ambiguous too thus leaving few things as unresolved. Read More
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