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The discovery, a 9-inch orthopedic iron pin inserted in the knee joint, connecting the mummys thigh and lower leg, is remarkable in many…
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Answer these questions
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"Answer these questions"

Download file to see previous pages Humans: We [Humans] live in nature and culture. Even though much of our behavioral traits are inherited, we have opinions, and so form judgments. That as the inert aspects of biology interacts with the external components of culture, certain thoughts passed along to the latter generations fades away, in effect, explaining how natural selection operates on cultural thoughts. Culture affords that extra capacity for humans to adjust to the challenges of nature.
1) Explain the differences about whether Neanderthals were humans exactly like us or not. What traits did they have that were like us, and which were different, and how can you explain these through the principles of natural selection and variation?
The Neanderthals were generally similar to modern man in appearance; the anatomy was essentially human in scope, with a similar number of bones functioning in the same manner. They were, however, different in terms of their robustness [thickness and strength]. The Neanderthal also had backward sloped forehead, with a slightly forward protruding nose compared to modern humans. The similarities in the physical traits of the two come from the very fact that both humans and Neanderthals acquired certain genetic variables from a common ancestor; variables which may have been “wiped clean” with certain beneficial aspects of mutation, causing variations in humans to help develop language or engage in complex interactive mechanisms, in effect, showing the very nature of natural selection in action.
2) How can bones tell us stories that history cannot? What specific scientific methods would you employ to study a group of skeletons from a volcanic eruption, in which the ruler of the time said all the people escaped the disaster?
Scientific evidence has proven beyond reasonable doubles that organisms evolve/change over time. Through the studies of bones, scientists can, therefore, how species have changed across long ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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