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In the current speedy and constantly advancing technological world, the adoption of quality and most recent technologies has been a crucial subject in promoting business success. One of the areas that technology has been enjoying speedy growth is that of application of metadata…
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24 November Metadata In the current speedy and constantly advancing technological world, the adoption of quality and most recent technologies has been a crucial subject in promoting business success. One of the areas that technology has been enjoying speedy growth is that of application of metadata in the day-to-day operations of most web applications (Chen and Yu 268).
As indicated in the PowerPoint presentation, metadata has recently proved itself as the building to promoting efficiency in execution of business operations. In simple terms, metadata entails the concept of having data within data. To be precise, metadata refers to the descriptive set of information, which is used to explain or clarify the meaning of a particular data resource.
The presentation further clarifies that metadata provides information that defines when, how and by whom a specific set of computer was put together or collected. In addition to this, metadata further defines how that data is formatted. In this sense, it can deducted that metadata simply entails a well-designed set of computer data that explains or provides additional information about another data. This information is very important in aiding computer scientists, software engineer and other professionals in getting a thorough understanding of what the content of a particular data set is.
A good example metadata is a set of information about an author, title and size of data contained in a particular file. Among the areas where metadata has been increasingly in use is in data warehouses. In addition, XML web applications have also been widely applying the use of metadata in their web content (Turner 88).
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Turner, Tom. “What is Metadata?” Kaleidoscope. 10 .7 (2002) Read More
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