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Challenges facing ESL - High School students in acquisition of writing and communication skills - Essay Example

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A number of approaches have been devised to minimize the challenges faced by students who are under ESL program. Parents as well as teachers need to take an active role in assisting students to overcome challenges especially those associated with divergent in cultures…
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Challenges facing ESL - High School students in acquisition of writing and communication skills
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Challenges faced by ESL students differ depending on the above listed classification. The immigrants are considered to be likely to experience least amount of challenges because they have already received formal education in their native countries that included learning English as a foreign language. They usually visit English speaking countries out of their own personal choices hence more prepared for the challenges ahead. In most cases, they have decent family background marked by intact family units and financial stability. Despite these factors, such students still face challenges such as difficulties in adapting to the new culture, conflict of cultures in terms of what is learnt at home and what is learnt at the new school, varying abilities in the understanding of the English language and conflict in terms of what s learnt and practiced at home and the nee foreign schools.
International students are characterized by the fact that they are in foreign schools for purpose of pursuing their studies on a temporary basis. They are driven by the passion to learn English and get integrated into the new culture. In most cases, they have already studied English as foreign language at their lower levels of study in their countries of origin and are usually well educated in other spheres of life. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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