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Read the passage and answer the question referring to the text - Essay Example

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From the article, the plan presents a dream that the individuals aspire to make a reality. They are deliberating on ways to which actualization…
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Read the passage and answer the question referring to the text
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Download file to see previous pages This study, therefore, seeks to explore on the methods used by Steinbeck to illustrate the character plan.
From the article, it is clear that the character demonstrate a belief in their dreams. The supporting statement here is the use of the repetitive futuristic article will. For instance, use of the words such as, we will fix up the old place, and then we will go live there. Will is a future simple tense that illustrates the affirmative nature of something. The personal pronoun we, makes it inclusive in the team effort that the dream will come true1. The article will, contrasts to would, initially used to talk about the dream, thus emphasizing the shift to a belief.
Secondly, George shows excitement as the dream transforms into a plan. The evident to the above underlying fact is in the use of polysyndeton ‘an’. The articles use the word such as I would get a job and makeup the res, and you could sell eggs and stuff like that. Throughout the article, the use of polysyndeton increases pace revealing the belief of George to his vision. The use of such words portrays events that will happen in the future.
Another point is the existence of polysyndeton of contrast with short sentences that follow each other. The short sentences lead to the comprehension that the thing they had not believed in was turning out to be a reality. Short sentences enhance slow pace, portraying the dream as a revelation of the truth. Contrast of the past view that is never had, with the true future is evident. Closely linked with the above point is the fact that George’s attitude is changing from disbelief and negativity into that of positivity. The use of adverbs to describe his manner, like reverently, wonderingly, and softly contrast with disgustedly2. The above factors reveals his change in temperament of his belief as an element of positivity. Reverently portrays faith while softly ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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