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Duane Read is a pharmacy, however this is generally located at the back of the stores which consist of four different sections – one is…
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Research Plan
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Download file to see previous pages The CVS chain has recently been unfavourably in the public eye because it was found to be selling drug products that were expired and thereby violating health codes.
The goal of this research study is to derive an answer to the research question: “Why do people go buy their goods in Duane Reade rather than CVS?” It appears likely that the negative publicity that CVS has gathered about selling expired products could be one of the salient reasons why customers are preferring Duane; however it is also likely that other factors such as store layouts, their convenient locations to arrangement of goods within the store, prices, customer service or quality of goods could be the factors motivating customers instead. The objective of this study will be to determine why customers appear to be preferring Duane; whether there is more than one reason for such a choice and if so, what are the factors that are leading to such a preference?
In order to arrive at an understanding of the factors that could be propelling customers to make such a choice, it would first be necessary to carry out an exhaustive review of the literature that is available on customer service, product quality, marketing, good business practices, ethics in business, the importance of complying with Government regulations and similar aspects that would provide background information which would be valuable in arriving at an answer to the research question. This comprehensive study of the literature would not only help to identify salient factors that may affect customer shopping preferences, it may also help identify additional factors which are peculiar to the New York region, such as targeting ethnic groups who form a sizable portion of the population, more so than those present in the states where CVS markets its goods – although these states are also primarily in the north-eastern part of the United States.
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Research Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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