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The objective of these websites is the same as they both provide a complete overview of topics for the reader to comprehend them. Their provided summary or description…
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Website review
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Download file to see previous pages Design of the website plays integral role in making it a success/ user friendly. Hence, if the design is simple to use, easy to engage in and effective to learn from then the website will be popular among the users.
Thus, the design of Shmoop is explicitly clear and given in F-pattern. According to a recent survey, viewers mostly view websites in an F-pattern style, giving their whole attention towards top and left sides of the screen and ignoring anything on the right side. Thus, Shmoop’s main bar is on the top-middle section of the webpage and grid based layouts in the left corner. Every option on the main page is prominently visible; one does not have to search for desired section to research from, but can easily see it on the main-page. The main page is also not cluttered with pictures and designs. There are images like a backdrop on it, but they do not divert the attention from the content or purpose of the webpage.
The main font style throughout the website is “Ariel” however, size is differed. In headings 18 size is used and for topic description 10.5 is used. Color behind the content is white, which is good because it makes it easier to read and at extreme right and left corner are some advertisements and informative clickable images on the website.
Navigation is simple and does use a hierarchal pattern of browsing so one can also view from where he started his browsing from. Once, one chooses and clicks from the subjects on the main page, the second page shows all the sub-topics of it, from there one can chose desired subject matter, which shows all the information in a grid format.
The language used to describe any matter under study is simple, engaging, and often humorous but efficient. Shmoop does not take any time to load and even the images on the web load in less than a minute. The best part is the web entails everything from teenagers’ study options to career advice and test ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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