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More and more people sign up for different social networking websites on a daily basis. It is important to mention that the advent of internet and computer technologies is revolutionary as far as social…
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Two different social networking websites
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Social Networking Websites Social networking is an increasingly popular practice in today’s world. More and more people sign up for different social networking websites on a daily basis. It is important to mention that the advent of internet and computer technologies is revolutionary as far as social networking is concerned. Social networking websites capitalize on the opportunities and benefits that come with the use of the worldwide web.
Perhaps the two most popular social networking websites are Facebook and Twitter. These two websites allow users to sign up and subsequently interact with thousands and millions of other users already registered on their respective platforms. Facebook is perhaps popular for its distinct messaging app. Facebook also keeps track of users’ timelines as they appear on the page. This creates a chronology of events posted on Facebook. Most importantly, users post pictures, share their status updates, read other people’s posts, and comment on different topics posted on the website.
For Twitter, the most popular aspect of the website is the use of hash tags. Contrary to Facebook, Twitter offers instant messaging in the form of tweets. This forms the distinct practice of Facebooking and Tweeting in respect to the two websites. Another distinct feature of Twitter is the mode of interaction dubbed “follow” and “unfollow.” In conclusion, Twitter’s does not offer timelines, but rather archives data and information posted so that it is available for retrieval by the user at any time. Most importantly, Twitter’s website platform is not as broad as Facebook is. Read More
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