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UC Admissions: - Personal Statement Example

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I want to become an ibanker and higher education in this major will help me fulfill this dream. I have always been a business minded individual from the time I can remember. I guess I can say it is an inborn character I have because…
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UC Admissions: Personal Statement
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Download file to see previous pages Since I have the ability to perform all these activities, it is important I advance them and get educational experience to perform them even better and excel in them. I am also good at making deals and within the specified time just like an ibanker do and this has therefore become my ultimate career goal once I acquire the Business Administration degree.
The interest in this subject developed as a result of the fun I had organizing people and even leading them to perform activities and the excitement and pride of winning and being appreciated. My volunteer work and the activities I engage in as well as support I got from my relatives made me consider an education in business administration and finally I have a chance to fulfill that dream. I want to be able to make people be organized enough to complete their planned activities and enjoy doing so.
I have participated in volunteer work at a local business in my home town where I was initially involved in assisting the employees carry out their everyday chores. As many volunteers came in to assist as it was a large business run by an elderly couple, I found that I was doing more organization work and directing the volunteers on what areas needed assistance and what their daily chores would be.
This enabled me gain experience in administration skills which are necessary to excel in my career choice. When I was in high school, I participated in a students’ speech competition which was in Mandarin. My excellent Mandarin skills enabled me get the third position in the competition something my parents and I are really proud off.
My involvement in volunteer work as well as organizing students and family members informally has sharpened my organizational skills. It has also increased my wit and made me a quick thinker something which I was not a few years back. With quick wit, I am able to juggle activities and think of different deals that can benefit people at once.
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