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Personal - Essay Example

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During my recent interview with my health administration professor on some of the components and modules of an effective presentation in class, it was quite evident that preparation remains the most important component of an effective presentation (Mandel, 23). According to the…
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Components of effective presentation During my recent interview with my health administration on some of the components and modules of an effective presentation in class, it was quite evident that preparation remains the most important component of an effective presentation (Mandel, 23). According to the professor, preparation remains an important aspect when it comes to typical presentation. Nobody has the ability to give an effective presentation without doing some serious preparation (Mandel, 30). In this case, it involves doing an extended homework on the topic. One aspect where many speakers go wrong is that they tend to read more than what they are presenting. In this case, the professor advocates for more talk than reading (Dickinson, 34).
Good presentations are always structured in sections and in this case, the professor talks of the importance of organizing the points. It is also important to do a dry run on the topic before the main presentation. Showing interests in the students is also advisable. It is always wrong to intimidate the students or embarrass them (Dilts, 67). Communication during the presentation also remains an important component. In this case, it is always important to engage the students in the discussion. The communication component goes with the body language, flow of the language and giving the students a chance to contribute in the discussion. Circling the class gives the professor a chance to engage with every person in the class (Dilts, 70). Accepting interruption during the presentation is evidence enough that the students are concentrating on the topic of discussion. It is also important to finish strongly or knowing when to stop lecturing. Too much lecture can be become boring for students.

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