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Assigned readings on which you will write one page reading responed - Essay Example

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The writer quotes dialogues from various shows which summarize that men and women cannot be friends. The writer puts forward his beliefs by giving examples of television shows. Deresiewicz speaks against the…
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Assigned readings on which you will write one page reading responed
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Download file to see previous pages Friendship between opposite sexes was only seen in few literary circles. Apart from that amicable relation between men and women was impossible in the West and still is in various cultures. Historical changes appeared when women were portrayed differently.
The writer further investigates the relation between men and women and turns his attention towards feminism. The writer turns to feminism to prove his argument because prior to the advent of feminism women were considered inferior. In 1890’s when the term feminism was made public. The New Woman was a term coined for a reinvented woman who was intelligent, strong-willed, well-read and outspoken. The writer suggests that the new kind of woman is responsible for the companionship and friendship among men and women.
The writer mentions platonic friendship which constitutes of everything except sexual relations. The origin of this word dates back to Plato, who used it to explain the emotion of love with or without the involvement of sex. Feminists such as Mary Wollstonecraft were not in favor of platonic friendships because they could end up in damage such as sexual relations.
Even though there are various factors that have promoted friendship between men and women. According to the writer the increasing admissions by both sexes into education institutes has caused both sexes to come close. The non-partial and non-political nature nowadays especially in education facilities has led to friendships among men and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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